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Service Management Software

Covers everything you need for supporting your employees and/or customers. It's easy to use and can be implemented on-premises or utilized via the Cloud as Software as a Service (SaaS).

Is your strategy to save money and rely more on self-help, self-service? Then look no further, our software will help you reduce costs and return your on investment (ROI) in 6 months, guaranteed!!!

Customer Services
Engineering Service Management
Service desk
ITIL Service Management
Managed Service Providers

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Feature highlights:
  • Service catalog management

  • A personalized service catalog allowing customers to choose from the services available to them, offering a central point for information, requests and incidents.

  • Request fulfillment

  • Support for the service delivery of multiple departments, enterprise request management and shared services.

  • Operations management

  • High level Operations Management enabling your staff to plan and work efficiently, integrated with MS Exchange

  • Multiple deployment models: On premise, Subscription and SaaS to fit your needs

  • Mobile access for field engineers

  • Integrated Business Intelligence, offering insight at every level to measure results, improve your performance, make better decisions faster and be more cost efficient.

  • Surveys to measure and increase customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and the net promoter score

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