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Process Design Workshops

Good Business Processes Saves Time and Money

Is it time to re-design your processes?

Are any of these points true for your organization?

  • Do your customers need to understand the inner workings of your company to figure out whom to contact to handle their requests?

  • Business says that they do not always get what they think they have asked for.

  • Are your employees frustrated caused by slow processes?

  • Your processes are documented and communicated but neither understandable nor reflecting the actually used processes.

If any of above are encountered at your organization, then it’s time to contact ALLITSM, we have a solution which will help you.

Benefits of a well-established process implementation include:

  • Improvement to operating structure/efficiency/productivity of 10% - 50%

  • Quality improvements: significantly

  • Decreased error rates and reduced rework

  • Improved ability to plan and control

  • Reduction in day to day breaks, failures, rework compared to previous year

  • Optimized staffing model consist of allocation of roles and responsibilities as Business Process Design exercise

  • Reduction in risk exposure with more control points determined

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