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Service Management Health Checks

Don’t bury your head in the sand and hope things will turn out right...

Check your position and plan ahead if you want to:
  • Improve customer services

  • Downsize

  • Cut Costs

  • Save Money

  • Right size

  • Plan growth

  • Plan to sell-out

  • Plan new products

Don’t charge into the activities without a Service Management Health Check!


The ALLITSM Service Management Health Check is a 1 DAY ONSITE INTERVIEW SESSION.

The Health Check will answer the following:

  • Have you achieved your objectives for Service Management? And if not, why?

  • Does your Service Management software relate to the processes?

  • Are there clear responsibilities for updating procedures?

  • Are your processes and procedures clear and specific?

  • Are your operations based on processes?

  • Do you utilize a performance card as a basis for decisions, to prepare for the future and the continuous improvement of services?

  • Where you are in the CMM Growth Cube based on our proven questionnaire and scoring methodology

  • One day, is all it takes to get your assessment done and place you in control of your upcoming challenges.

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